Poem #2

Hello all,
In an effort to share more, I will be posting musings on the blog for those that want insight into the mind behind the mind, and sometimes, behind that one too.

I write poetry. It is hard and I don’t have a “central” topic, so I take a news report or a documentary and I write about it. This is my second piece that has come from such inspiration.

Watching Brian Williams pontificate about the Egyptian Spring and seeing the people running from the tear gas reminded me distinctly of the Kent State killings and Buffalo Springfield’s song “For What It’s Worth”.¬† I felt the Egyptian protesters needed something equally as relevant and powerful. I tried to write some lyrics, but I think they fell short of the task.

Copyright 2011 by Andrew Lein

Egyptian Spring

Churches burning, democracy
People gathering as far as you can see
Sitting on my couch watching history.
Better stay home and watch it on TV.
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